We provide transformative technology services, digitally enabled customer experiences, and clinical health services that change lives.

Today’s rapidly changing world demands that governments have the capacity and flexibility to respond to the growing expectations of the people they serve. Maximus makes it easier for people to access public services more easily and equitably.

Moving people forward reflects our employees’ shared desire to do something meaningful to help others succeed. That’s why Maximus takes on today’s challenges to define a better tomorrow.

Transforming public services through technology

We deliver digital transformation solutions so our customers can overcome their biggest challenges and be more responsive to the people who depend on their services.

We’re accelerating modernisation through:

  • IT consulting
  • Application development
  • COTS implementation
  • Automation
  • Quality engineering
  • Cloud services
  • Technology operations
  • Data science
  • UI/UX design

Real-world solutions for forward-thinking leaders

We have a distinct vision of government. Where citizens connect with services more efficiently. Leading-edge technology and the human touch work hand in hand. And increased accuracy, accountability, and productivity are part of every program. See where and how we’re implementing this vision.